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About company

Cleaning and washing escalators and cleaning moving walkways.

Our Company can render services in the field of special cleaning of escalators and moving walkways. Thanks to two factors, namely, the offer of professional products and innovative technology, we can offer services of professional cleaning and maintenance of escalators and moving walkways.

The main role of escalators (moving walkways) is to facilitate movement e.g. between the floors inside a building. Besides, the stairs can play an additional role, namely, decorative. Yet, they sometimes cause problems due to their incorrect exploitation. In order to keep the escalators and moving walkways clean you need professional equipment and properly selected cleaning substances. The innovative machines we use let you save time, money and avoid problems which may appear in case of application of too aggressive chemicals or appearance of too abundant dirt.

As a company we are flexible. We can adjust to a client’s individual requirements and needs preserving simultaneously the highest quality standards. You are welcome to contact us any time. Our staff is willing to propose the best solution for your company in every case as regards both technology and finance.