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Professional cleaning of escalators and moving walkways requires application of modern special machines and properly selected chemicals. In most cases, one cannot limit to traditional cleaning methods consisting in manual removing dirt and application of aggressive substances. During the cleaning process it is possible to flood a drive motor and electrical elements which is extremely dangerous for the users. Mechanical dry-cleaning removes the dirt only from the horizontal part of a step leaving the vertical one still dirty. The cleaning brushes in this type of machines remove the protective coating causing scratches and, in consequence, the surface of the stairs becomes dirty soon after.

Our damp-cleaning method allows us to clean the escalators thoroughly, safely and quickly ensuring the long-lasting effect of cleanliness. In result, the protective surface is left intact. Besides, application of innovative equipment allows for removal of dirt from both horizontal and vertical parts of every step. The diligently selected substances remove stubborn dirt and at the same time maintain the surface which makes the escalators to be clean for a long time.

The technology used by our Company is adjusted to the escalators and walkways of the most leading producers such as:

*Thyssen * Schindler * OTIS * KONE * O&K * CNIM * DONG YANG * HITACHI * TOSCHIBA
* MONTG * Westinghouse * MITSUBISHI – Thyssen-Krupp * FUJITEL