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Washing escalators

Escalators make a space which every day is exposed to dirt. It is not only dust, sand or mad accumulated on the stairs but also fatty stains or liquids of different types.

Cleaning the escalators needs special effort. Otherwise, the stairs will be either carelessly washed or their mechanism will be easily damaged. We are aware of the fact that escalators should not be washed in a casual way. It turns out that too much water may damage a drive motor and manual removal of dirt brings almost no effect. Moreover, aggressive cleaning substances may damage the surface and dry-cleaning leaves dirt on the vertical parts of every step.

Therefore, we advise our clients to take advantage of regular cleaning services. We propose professional cleaning of escalators to have their surface cleaned thoroughly and safely. In addition, taking advantage of comprehensive services of washing escalators also mean their maintenance which means that the surface being cleaned is more resistant to damage and further contamination.