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Washing moving walkways

Moving walkways often appear in such buildings as shopping centers, railway stations, airports etc. Every day one can see thousands of people moving on the walkways.

Cleaning moving walkways is more difficult than cleaning standard surfaces which need only simple washing. Everyone knows that the cleaning techniques should be carefully selected as it may turn out sometimes that the surface is not only dirty but damaged, as well. First of all, moving walkways should not be washed by means of wet-cleaning, because water may damage drive motor and other mechanisms. It should also be taken into account that too aggressive cleaning substances and hard brushes may damage the protective coating of the surface being washed.

Professional cleaning of moving walkways proposed by our Company is a good method to remove dirt effectively and safely as well as to maintain the cleaned surface. Accurate cleaning of moving walkways is a combination of various methods always selected individually depending on the type of the surface itself as well as the extent of its contamination.